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Nicky Humfress is Marketing Manager for the Social Media Products Group including Social Media Experts, The Big Social Media Conference and The Big Social Media Campus.

Together with his fellows at Social Media Experts, The Professor leads a plethora of leading boffins on all things social media to bring you the very best advice for your business.

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Alexandra Kington is Chief Operating Officer and head of operations. Probably the next Marissa Mayer, Alexandra leads the team in the extensive development programme.

Dr John Ashcroft is founder of John Ashcroft and Company, experts in economics, strategy and social media. He is founder of SME Club, SMEx the Social Media Experts web site, The Saturday Economist and FDFm, the Financial Directors Forum. The group publishes over 15 million emails every year to a readership of over 50,000 businesses. John is also Chief Executive of pro.manchester, and a member of the (AGMA) Greater Manchester Business Leadership Council.

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